Using Cessation Aids To Help You Stop Smoking Cigarettes

If you have found it challenging to give up smoking going cold turkey and you struggle with the cravings to smoke, you may want to consider using cessation aids to help you. There are many different types of aids you can use to help you stop smoking, so there is a suitable one for almost everyone. Below are some of the various cessation aids you can consider using so you can formulate a plan to give up smoking and ensure you can manage your urges to smoke.

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum is popular with many people trying to give up smoking, and it is something you can get without a prescription from your doctor. You can purchase nicotine gum from pharmacies, online, and supermarkets, and there are a couple of flavours you can try. Whenever you feel an urge to smoke coming on, take out a piece of gum and start chewing, and you will feel the craving soon subside. You can also use nicotine gum with other cessation aids when you find the urges to smoke are too much for you to handle.

Dissolvable Nicotine Strips

You can also consider using dissolvable nicotine strips to assist you in giving up smoking, and you can get these online and from pharmacies and supermarkets. There are limited flavours available, but they are simple to use. When you feel like you want to smoke, place the nicotine strip on your tongue and push it to the roof of your mouth, holding it there. The strip will soon dissolve and help curb your cravings, allowing you to get on with the rest of your day.


Vaping is one of the most popular aids that people use to help them quit smoking. There are various types of vaping devices available, so you will need to research to find the most suitable one for you. There are also plenty of choices when it comes to the e-juice you vape, with varying nicotine strengths available and an assortment of different flavours. No matter what your preferences are, there are plenty of e-liquids to suit your palate, and you can take a drag on your vaping device whenever you feel like you want to smoke.

Nicotine Patches

Another effective cessation aid you can use is nicotine patches, which many people have used successfully to give up smoking. They are simple to use, and you can get them from supermarkets, pharmacies, and online. You place a patch on any part of your skin, and it will leach out nicotine that your skin absorbs over 24 hours, helping to keep your cravings to smoke at bay.

Oral Nicotine Sprays

There are also oral nicotine sprays that you can use to help control your cravings to smoke, and you can get these sprays at pharmacies, some supermarkets, and online retailers. When you feel an urge to smoke a cigarette coming, spray the liquid into your mouth and the back of your throat, and it will start working quickly. The capillaries in your mouth absorb the nicotine, and your cravings will soon subside, helping you to live a smoke-free life.