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How Stickers Can Boost your Retail Business

Ask any retailer and they will confirm that store signage is a critical component of interior store layout, and there are innovative sticker designs that can play an essential role in your in-store signage, as well as promoting your store in other ways. Here are just a few ways that stickers can be of benefit to your retail business.

  • Calls to Action – These short, sharp messages are designed to persuade the shopper to make a commitment, with messages like, “Buy now, while stocks last”, or “Sale ends on Friday”. If you approach a sticker specialist such as Massive Production, they can design CTAs with your branding, and these will provide that extra persuasion that might tip the scales and result in a sale. Calls to actions are very effective when placed near the target product, and stickers allow you to place them anywhere.
  • Out of Store Promotion – Stickers are a great way to raise awareness, and if you include 4 or 5 in the shopping bag, the customer will use them, which will raise awareness for your store. Car stickers are actually a wise investment, when you consider the number of people that will see your message over the years, and for a minor investment too. People put stickers on their laptop, on backpacks and of course, vehicles, so there are many ways that your name will be advertised.
  • Wall Stickers – You can design a full-wall sticker, which makes for a great store backdrop, and the printer would send his professionals to apply the sticker, thus ensuring a wrinkle-free finish. You could design a half-height sticker to fit onto the rear wall of your store, and with today’s technology, sticker design and manufacture is slick and can help to create the ideal in-store ambience.
  • Window Stickers – Unlike the adhesives of a few years ago, today’s stickers can be affixed and easily removed, leaving no glue on the window, and with the right designs, window stickers are a very effective way to boost the visual appeal of any store window. They can be used to announce special promotions, designed to attract the passer-by into the store, and stickers are a very effective way to do this.

Laser printing gives sharp definition and bright colours are very eye-catching, and if you talk to a sticker printing firm, they can show you what they can do for your store. All it takes to connect with a sticker printing shop is a Google search, and you can add a touch of colour to your in-store ambience.

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