December 2019


Connect with your Clients with Business Phone Systems from Singtel

Singtel would also ensure that you get the best business phone systems at a highly affordable price. They would ensure that you get the right voice calling and collaboration experience without burning a significant hole in your pocket. The company has been serving your needs and requirements in the best manner possible.

They would ensure that you meet the specific needs of your business without hampering your budget. They have been the leading name in the industry looking forward to offering the right services without hampering your budget in any manner. The company would ensure that you save a significant amount on voice calling charges to connect with your clients.

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Comparing Rotomolding With Injection Molding: Check The Fast Facts Here!

Ever wondered what does it take to create those diverse range of plastic products that we use on a regular basis? There are varied techniques of molding that are used for creating such products, of which two of the most popular ones are rotational molding and injection molding. In recent years, rotational molding, also called rotomolding, has emerged as a good choice for creating hollow but durable plastic products. On the other injection molding is one of the oldest and most effective means of plastic molding that allows manufacturers to produce plastic parts in bulk. In this post, we take a look at how both these techniques compare with one another.

Reviewing the processes

Rotomolding relies on liquid or power resin material, which is placed in a mold with colorant. The mold is then rotated bi-axially in an oven. The heated material than turns into liquid and covers the entire surface of the mold, thus taking the shape. Once the process is complete, the mold is then cooled down and the final product is taken out.

Injection molding is very different in that context. The process starts with melting the resin material, which is then forced into a stationary mold at a very high pressure. The pressure causes the material to cover the entire surface of the mold, just taking the shape. The plastic part is taken out after the mold has been cooled.

Applications and uses

Rotational molding is a great choice for producing plastic parts that are meant to be hollow and durable at the same time. For instance, waste bins, tanks, and even manholes can be made using this technique. On the other hand, injection molding is often used for creating a wider range of designs and varieties of plastic products. It does also work with a whole range of materials. In other words, it would be wrong to say that one process is better than others. However, with rotomolding, there is little or no loss of material – a factor that often remains a concern with injection molding.

Final word

Both injection and rotational molding techniques are popular and have a wide range of advantages, and the applications may vary. When you want large, one piece and hollow items, you have to consider rotational molding over everything else, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that injection molding doesn’t have its use and benefits. Check online to find companies that specialize in rotational molding and ask for estimates.

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Here are the Best Ways to Install the Plastic Stanchion Posts

When you are organizing the lines, enforcing the flow of the movement and effectively managing crowd control, the movable stanchions are the best. They are portable, available in many types, adjustable etc. You can choose from a variety of options it provides and go with the ones that meet your needs. Here are the ways to make the most of the plastic stanchion post.

  1. Even spacing

First things first, spacing is all that matters when it comes to organizing a space. If your lines, stanchions and ropes are randomly set out instead of being evenly space, then it can make the entire thing go haywire. When you are mapping out your lines and the ideal progression of the crowd, then ensure to leave a lot of space for evenly spacing the stanchions and then joining the ropes or lines.

  1. Hanging ropes

If the stanchions you have chosen have ropes hanging between them, then you need to get the accurate distance between each stanchion, it is considered a very important step. Certainly, the stanchion options with the retractable lines have way more flexibility in this department. If you are going with the classy and heavy duty ropes, then they are the most commonly used, when you put your posts too close together or too far apart, then it will make them hang in a very weird way. When you hang it too low, then it invites people to just step on it and when you install them way too high, then it renders them tight and may have more odds to tip over. When you have a happy medium, it drapes the ropes quite well.

  1. Smart setup

There are many other factors to keep in mind here as well when it comes to installing the plastic stanchion posts. You need to leave sufficient space for strollers or wheelchairs, leave sufficient space for every turn for maneuvering, but not so much that it makes the line chaotic, planning out multiple lines against a single line setup, and determining if you want people to unhook the ropes on their own from the lines if they get a little rebellious. To purchase the best plastic stanchions and exploring the best crowd control products, there are many options available on the website. You may also find similar information on crowd control solutions.

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Recruiting Leaders: 6 Helpful Tips for Hiring C-Level Executives

The difference between a boss and a leader has long been a subject of contention, but for the most part, the difference is clear: a boss manages while a leader inspires. When a team has a boss, it isn’t given a chance to grow through collective innovation and creativity. But if it has a leader, both the team and the company can reach greatness beyond what was expected.

This may be the very reason why the recruitment process for C-level talent is very different from hiring entry-level employees. This is because the stakes are higher since the people you should be hiring are given bigger responsibilities that would decide the future of the business.

When hiring C-suite executives for your company, you must look for someone who can lead your team to growth rather than just boss them around to do his dirty work.  To make this happen, here are six helpful recruitment tips you can try before offering an employment contract to hard-bargaining C-suite executive applicants:

1.   Look for Leadership Traits, Not Impressive Resumes

Resumes are the standard document require during the recruitment process. It summarizes what the applicant has to offer by covering things like education, skills, trainings, and past employment. However, there are several drawbacks to using these documents, as follows:

  • Resumes are deliberately written to impress, presenting the applicant in the best possible light. Although this isn’t inherently bad, it can distract and may even misconstrue the actual accomplishments he has.
  • Resumes aren’t written the same way, making it hard for human resources to compare ones from several candidates.
  • Resumes don’t convey the candidate’s personality and his compatibility with the team.
  • Resumes may not accurately represent a person’s traits.

Leadership traits are something that any piece of paper cannot possibly contain. This can only be assessed by speaking to the candidate and those who have worked with him in the past.

When hiring C-level talent, you must make sure that you pick someone with the personality that fits your company culture. He should also be knowledgeable and humble at the same time. You wouldn’t want a know-it-all pushing your people around.

Due diligence at work and the ability to inspire is also important. People will respect executives who can show their work instead of just bragging about it.

2.   Seek Referrals and Consider Current Employees

When hiring high-ranking company officials and executives, referrals are probably the safest and easiest way to go. Don’t underestimate the power of connections, especially ones that have been nurtured by existing C-level executives and employees in your company.

Before you hire anyone who was referred to you, make sure to check them diligently. This means you have to actually talk to references provided as well as employers and officemates to see if the candidate has what it takes to be part of your team.

3.   Use Expert Recruitment Services

The difference between entry-level and C-suite talent cannot be overstated. As mentioned earlier, there is a lot more at stake when hiring COOs, CEOs, and CFOs. To boost your chances of making the right choice, you should consider using expert recruitment services.

These professionals bring experience and knowledge that most start-up company owners require. They also have a vast network of skilled and highly talented people whom they can tap whenever the need arises.

4.   Define the Job Description in Detail

Getting the right person for a job starts with defining what the job entails. This is a very effective strategy when hiring C-level talent.

You may use job description templates, but you have to make sure that you modify it according to your company’s specific needs.

From there, think about the kind of executive you want running your company. Is he generally good at leading people? Or does he have experience in the niche or industry you’re working in? Make it as specific as possible and include details about the coverage of his responsibilities.

5.   Take Your Time

Unlike hiring for entry-level positions, recruiting a C-suite executive requires plenty of time. In fact, it is crucial that you take the time to build a relationship with candidates to determine who is the right fit for the job accurately. After all, the best leaders are hard to find.

When doing so, you have to take a personalized approach. Show him that you’re serious about the hiring process by making it a system that focuses on his strengths, weaknesses, and potential.

6.   Check Relevance of Experience

Experience alone isn’t going to cut it when hiring for executive-level positions. You have to make sure that the person you choose has relevant experience to the industry or the job you’re trying to fill.

To make this happen, you can incorporate industry-specific questions during the interview. This will allow you a glimpse of what he knows about the different quirks of the industry – from terminologies to problems and trends.

Choose a Good Leader

Choosing a good leader for your team can be challenging because you’re not only selecting someone skilled at the job, you also need him to bring out the best in others. Make sure your company becomes one step closer to success, recruit a leader rather than a boss. Only when you make the right choice will you be able to see the difference.


David Mackenzie, a recruitment professional with over 20 years’ experience in the field and a record of entrepreneurial accomplishment, is Managing Director and Head of HR at Mackenzie Jones. As the Group MD, David is responsible for the overall direction of the Mackenzie Jones Group, including Mackenzie Jones, MumsAtWork, MENA Solutions, Simply Digital and ThinkTech.

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How To Design A Good Website In A Short Period

Unlike the 19th century, today you don’t have to do a full-time day job to make money. There are plenty of online platforms that can help you create a decent income stream without going out of your house. So, it’s pretty much possible to sit in your bedroom and make thousands of dollars every month. If this is something that intrigues you, then create a blog and take the first step towards creating a life for yourself. Refer to an informative guide to WordPress website design in Singapore or hire someone who has enough knowledge about it.

The first way is recommended for someone who has the basic knowledge of web development and only needs a bit of motivation to get started. The second method is useful for someone who wants to scale faster and has many other things to focus on than designing a website himself. So, decide which category you fall into and take the call without any further delay. It’s the shortest and easiest way to get a beautiful website designed for yourself in a short period.

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