How a Lack of Standardization Harms Recycling Efforts

People have been advocating for better recycling for a long time. For most of the last 50 years, the recycling mantra has been repeated by schools, ecological advocates, environmentalists, scientists, and politicians. So why is the world still not where it wants to be? It could be a lack of standardization.

Countries do not have a shared set of standards pertaining to what can and should be recycled. There are no standards for how to recycle certain types of materials. Here in the U.S., states enjoy varying degrees of success with their municipal recycling programs. Yet there are few standards among the states for such programs.

This explains why Maine can recycle 72% of its designated glass, aluminum, steel, and consumer plastics while Connecticut can only recycle 52%. The states have different policies and levels of access. They have different infrastructure, different data sets, and even different goals.

When Standardization Works

Recycling is rarely impossible. When it is difficult, the challenges are almost always related to cost, labor, and efficiency. Solve those problems and you can recycle just about anything. For real life proof, look no further than industrial plastics.

Companies in five states, including Ohio and Kentucky, sell their industrial plastic waste to Tennessee-based Seraphim Plastics. In turn, Seraphim creates plastic regrind by shredding and grinding down the waste. Regrind is sold to manufacturers who mix it with virgin plastic for use in injection mold processes.

Seraphim Plastics is not the only company doing this. There are many more across the U.S. They can all make it work because of standardization in the industrial plastics market. An example of that standardization is the simple fact that industrial plastics are not mixed. Each type of plastic is kept separate in terms of both manufacture and use.

Industrial plastics do not have to be separated by recyclers. They also don’t have to be put through costly and labor-intensive processes to remove contaminants like paper labels, glue, and ink. Recyclers obtain clean plastic materials that go from truck directly to grinder. Industry standards make it possible.

Too Much Going On

So many products are not easily recycled for the simple fact that there is too much going on with them. Consumer plastics are an excellent example. You know those little numbers you find on plastic bottles and food packages? They don’t mean a whole lot. They merely designate the type of plastic you are dealing with. The numbers themselves were implemented decades ago for the purposes of making sorting easier.

Based on those numbers, there are at least seven different types of consumer plastics. Moreover, plastic products are not always made with just a single type of plastic. Different plastics are utilized together. Take your typical white milk jug. The jug is one type of plastic while the cap and ring are another type.

Similar problems exist with everything from batteries to car tires. With so much going on, it is difficult to define and develop manageable recycling systems that do not lose money. This is why we ultimately don’t recycle as much as we actually could.

It Can Be Done

Nature’s own rules dictate that we really can recycle just about anything. It can be done. Whether or not we have the will to do so is another matter. And if we don’t, that’s okay. The only point being made here is that a lack of standardization is really hurting our recycling goals. If we want to improve recycling across the board, we have to agree on some sort of standards by which we all operate. Otherwise, systemic inefficiency will inhibit our efforts.

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What are the Benefits of Choosing Industrial Custom Packaging?

Building a brand is a fun thing to do. The choice of materials, contacting your customers, and creating new stuff is exciting. At the same time, this is not an easy job. You need to make so many decisions that might take you down a different road than the one you planned.

When you take the pros and cons of the business, it’s still great to do something that will have an impact on the people around you. Running a business is the highest form of organization.

One of the issues, when you have a finished product, is to deliver it to your customers. You need to decide how you’re going to do it. To deliver, you need to pack it properly. Packing is highly important for delivering a perfect product.

In this article, we’re going to share a few benefits of choosing custom packaging, instead of going with a template. Read on if you want to know about this!

1. Saves money

Most products that are made custom are usually more expensive than those made by a template and produced serially. In this case, choosing custom might actually save you some money. How? By choosing an adequate product.

Most packaging options have universal sizes, which means your product might not fit in any of them. The boxes might be too big, or too small. Choosing custom, you’re going to get a box that is perfectly made for you.

If you choose the bigger version of the template, you’ll need to pay more than the smaller one. The problem is, the smaller one won’t fit your product inside. The custom box is the ideal solution and is going to be more affordable.

2. Raises brand awareness

Since you can choose anything you want, you can make the packaging the way you think it’s best for your brand. You can make the boxes any way you like them. Choose materials that are perfect for you and colors that are flawless.

When customers see this, they’re going to be thrilled. Your brand will instantly gain a reputation as something that comes delivered perfectly. Your clients will talk about your product and with it, raise brand awareness among the rest of the potential clients.

For this, it’s best to order something that will clearly show your logo, name, or whatever you choose to represent your brand. Learn more about brand awareness here.

3. Provides more sales

People are visual beings. They love to see beautiful stuff. When your product is being delivered to them, the first thing they are going to notice is how it is packed and how cool it looks. They will instantly share the first-taken image of the box with their friends.

They’ll explain how cool it was and will make other people buy it too. This provides more sales and drives your company forward. More sales give you the possibility for more work, and more work will raise more funds for additional investments. All this is the perfect road toward success.

4. Provides better marketing opportunities

As we just mentioned, clients will instantly take a picture of your product if it is well packed. They are going to share this on their social network profiles and tag your social network profiles. You’re getting additional free marketing just by choosing a custom-made box in which you delivered what they ordered.

There’s no better marketing than the one coming from satisfied clients. You can invest tons of money in marketing, but if your customers aren’t satisfied, there’s nothing you can do. On the other side, if they are happy and share your brands on social networks, you’re getting free advertising that money can’t buy.

5. You slide your info on the box

Don’t forget to order your credentials on the package. Slide your e-mail, phone, and social network profiles on the box. This is the perfect way for others to reach out when they see how everything’s perfectly made.

It’s an unwritten rule that the product packed inside a flawless box must also be flawless. When people see how much attention you paid to the delivery, they’ll know that you pay at least twice more attention to the production of what they are about to order.

6. Gives you a chance to personalize

Have you seen how boring and dull can the packaging of some items can be? A plain empty box. The order should be exciting. Every day should be Christmas for your clients. Do something that they’ll find amazing.

Personalize your packaging. Do something unordinary. Something that no one else has. If you’re getting a customized box, then why not do it truly custom. Make something that will be unique and will make people recognize it.

7. Saves the environment

One final point is the environmentalism issue that is being sparked by every package. There’s a ton of options when it comes to delivering a product. Some of the options are totally opposite of what we all need to do – save the planet. Learn more about preserving the environment here:

Opt for materials that are reusable or recyclable. If there’s no option for this, at least choose materials that are going to disintegrate in nature faster than others. Don’t go with plastic, this is the worst decision. Yes, it is convenient for transporting goods, but think about the planet and the future of our children. Go with something greener and pay attention to transport more.


As you can see, there’s almost no excuse for choosing another packaging option. If you need these services, just look at the points and see how better it is to get custom made boxes. When you compare a template model, and what you can get customized, there’s no question what you’re going to offer.

Since there’s the option to actually save by choosing this, it’s clear that you’re going to opt for custom. Find what’s best for your brand, and do it as better as possible. It will raise awareness, sales, and will strengthen your image.

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Industrial Injuries Claims – Know Your Legal rights

Based on the Government’s Work Pressure Survey 233,000 reportable injuries at the office happened in ’09Or10. A number of these were industrial injuries – injuries sustained within an industrial working atmosphere like a factory, warehouse, or construction site.

This short article outlines the legal legal rights of employees who’ve sustained an injuries, and the entire process of making industrial injuries claims.

Your employer’s responsibilities

Underneath the Safety and health at the office Act 1974 and subsequent rules employers are needed to consider reasonable steps to supply their workers having a healthy and safe working atmosphere. This can clearly mean various things with respect to the industry under consideration, however for most ‘industrial’ workplaces, this can involve such things as ensuring all equipment and machinery is frequently tested, and all sorts of workers are because of the appropriate training and safety equipment for the kind of work being transported out.

When the employer breaches their statutory responsibilities as well as an worker is hurt consequently, the hurt worker may decide to claim compensation for his or her injuries. This compensation can cover lost pay should they have needed to set time aside try to recover and the price of any treatment or therapy needed. Industrial injuries claims will also help highlight the reason for injuries, whether it is unsafe working practices, insufficient training, or unsafe machinery, and hopefully ensure no-other person suffers an identical injuries.

What constitutes a commercial injuries claim?

To become qualified to create a claim, the accident that caused your injuries should have been, a minimum of partially, another person’s fault. Next, the accident that caused your injuries must occured in the last 3 years. There are specific exceptions for this rule – mainly around industrial illnesses that become apparent some time following the negligent exposure. These include illnesses as a result of exposure to asbestos for example asbestosis or mesothelioma cancer, vibration white-colored finger or industrial deafness. You’ll be able to bring a commercial injuries claim against a company which has stopped buying and selling or gone from business because the claim will often be handled through the employer’s insurance provider.

Some those who have endured a commercial injuries are worried concerning the impact that creating a commercial injuries claim might have on their own working existence, and they can also be fired. You need to remember it’s illegal to have an employer to discipline or fire an worker to make claims – this could add up to unfair dismissal and then leave the business available to further law suit.

What’s involved with making industrial injuries claims?

The claims process is comparable to claiming compensation for just about any other personal injuries.

The initial step is to locate the best solicitor to deal with your claim. This can mean locating a trustworthy solicitor that has experience of industrial injuries claims, and it is based nearer your home. Most solicitors may also be able to provide a ‘no win no fee’ agreement, meaning in case your claim is not successful for whatever reason and compensation isn’t awarded, there’s absolutely nothing to pay.

Your solicitor will construct your situation before contacting your employer. This can mean gathering the data and documents they have to prove that the employer what food was in fault, and may involve contacting witnesses and calculating any financial loss endured due to the injuries.

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The Reality Behind The Multilevel Marketing Industry

The Multi-level Marketing (Multilevel marketing) Industry typically referred to as the Multilevel Marketing industry, is actually a quite simple and lucrative industry but sadly with many different negative feedback. The fact is that you may make lots of money within the Multilevel marketing industry. Lots of ordinary individuals have built companies that offer passive earnings streams on their behalf as well as their families and buddies, who’re within their network for existence! The wonder about getting a business that offer passive earnings streams is you can reach enjoy existence doing anything you want or decide. Everything is needed is really a couple of many years of smart and dedicated work. Today though, this has been created a great deal simpler as some Multilevel marketing companies go online. There’s an Multilevel marketing company today that operates positioned on an e-commerce platform! Which means that you are able to achieve more and more people making use of your website or social networking to market just about any product and also to anybody all over the world. The multilevel marketing market is a $167 billion industry producing millions getting huge passive earnings streams.

I’m a work with one Multilevel marketing firm that’s a 100% e-commerce based within Nigeria. Which means that I’m able to really perform the business at home. With proper use of e-commerce concepts, you are able to indeed earn a stream of passive incomes for existence! This really is however not really a get-wealthy-quick plan. Success within the Multilevel marketing industry entails following some professional guidelines and being consistent. Lots of people within the Multilevel marketing industry neglect to apply fundamental guidelines required to start and also be their very own Multilevel marketing business. Many do not realize their Multilevel marketing business ought to be handled like a real business where you’ll be needed to recruit a group of folks that have confidence in your mission and vision.

The multilevel marketing market is a 167 big industry contributing to 91 million people take part in the multilevel marketing industry all over the world today. The has become booming in all of those other world since it is almost the only real recession-proof industry! Throughout the economic decline that happened on the planet in 2009 and 2008 and also the one before that in 1998, it had been the only real Industry which was growing. While other industries such as the automobile and financial industries were either collapsing, downsizing on the amount of employees or cutting lower salaries, the multilevel marketing industry was getting bigger. For this reason many people have now use Multilevel Marketing.

Even great men and thinkers are starting to endorse the Multilevel marketing business model. Bill Gates continues to be quoted stating that if he’d another opportunity to launch, Microsoft might have adopted the multilevel marketing model. Little question the Multilevel marketing Industry keeps growing in an unpredicted rate. This is also true within the U . s . Claims that recorded a rise from $13 billion in 1992 to in excess of $132 billion this year greater than 82 million new individuals have became a member of the Multilevel Marketing Industry previously twenty years! Actually, it’s now believed that more than 15,800,000 distributors within the U . s . States alone now participate, full- or part-time, in Multilevel Marketing-which figures keep growing.

After 20 year, the Multilevel Marketing Industry continues to fit today’s hot trends-home-based companies, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance-as well as in Nigeria, the development is starting to meet up with all of those other world. My articles still educate its readers the way they can also move beyond economic security to economic success by benefiting from this wealth creating industry.

Be at liberty to determine if Multilevel Marketing fits your needs. Learn to pick a company, and the way to begin your own house-based business, while using skills and sources you already possess because, in the end, will still be your future!

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Using Modern Industrial Furniture

Industrial style products have gone from being only a passing trend to creating its distance to mainstream design and interior décor.

Over time the commercial look or style is becoming an talent. Be it a classic recycled find or perhaps a stylish reproduction they’re within the trendiest apartments, converted lofts and warehouses in typically the most popular suburbs of the city. The commercial look includes comfortability, art and practical functionality to enhance the current or vintage style.

What’s Industrial style furniture?

Years back it might of meant hunting and collecting old or possibly rusted metal or wooden furniture from second-hands markets, vintage stores or yard sales with a concept of creating something unique.

Tin, aluminimum, iron steel, metals in sharp lines, recycled wood, metallic colours in a combination of factory or farm pieces. From wooden crates switched into a coffee table, incomplete walls with uncovered beams to old lockers employed for storage or rustic ladders for shelving, the commercial look assumes great shape and materials.

How you can Incorporate the commercial look in your house?

The standard materials from the Industrial look possess a minimal with no-nonsense feel. Strong industrial look pieces may have a harsh or severe look by themselves. Lots of people have discovered you are able to soften the appearance with natural textures and neutral colours. Even padded furniture can complement the commercial look if stored easy and free from frills. Texture from aged furniture utilizes the strong shapes from the metals adding character.

The minimalistic rawness and open layout from the industrial style provides a hard-working united nations-pretentious believe that can suit any budget. Saving everything from large glass jars, old metal typewriters, bolts, machinery parts and taking advantage of these to create something totally new.

Uncovered ceilings and walls, mixing new furniture with old, rough textures with sharp smooth lines, the commercial look could be a style and design yet still be practical and functional.

Where you’ll get the commercial look?

Although there might be great satisfaction to find and even perhaps restoring that simply right bit of pre-loved furniture to enhance your industrial look, our busy world does not always focus on this.

Reproduction of commercial look products have now exploded in to the market, mixing new materials with old to duplicate, increase, or make another bit of industrial furniture.

There are lots of companies that concentrate on retro furniture, and frequently have industrial furniture. A lot of their pieces are manufactured from recycled wood or steel, getting new existence to old materials while still keeping integrity towards the industrial style.

From bookcases, shelving, tables to stools and storage boxes, industrial furniture companies possess a great selection of industrial look furniture to enhance your office or home.

Auction houses are an easy way to source formerly used furniture. Search for auctions that source their furniture from companies in industrial zones. You might just look for a perfect bit of outside furniture with no new furniture cost-tag. Research online for the local auction houses, after which refer to them as for his or her current stock.

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Industrial Lights for much better Performance and Output

Industrial lights would be the one-point solution to make sure that low quality lighting doesn’t hamper the performance and output levels in industries or factories. This is also true within the situation of industries that cope with manufacturing and processing. The requirement for top quality lighting becomes very critical in which the work locations might be of risky nature. This could encompass operate in locations subterranean or underwater for example mining, oil rigs or nuclear power production. They are work places where the smallest lapse in sufficient lighting can lead to unfortunate accidents for example getting hurt with sharp or hot temperature tools or walking on machines. In the end, any sort of accident does not only result in lack of property, but tend to also result in lack of existence, that is irreplaceable.

These lights are a fantastic solution with regards to the requirement of fluorescent machine lighting, halogen machine lighting, magnification lighting, Brought and so forth. Precise lighting makes certain that every nook and corner of the factory or workplace is well-lit and offers ideal working conditions.

Based on your industry, you should do a little ground research to actually are selecting probably the most genuine industrial lights from the reliable brand on the market. When selecting these lights, consider characteristics for example endurance to extreme temperatures (hot or cold), capability to withstand lengthy operational hrs with low maintenance and sturdiness to last in unsparing problems that involve chemicals, machine vibrations and flying debris.

To condition a good example, brands like GE Lights are some of the best ones. They’re reliable by industries around the globe because of their number of industrial lights to match almost any type of industry and also the stringent quality standards they follow. Regardless if you are searching for floodlights, carriage lights or publish lights, you can rest assured of meeting your needs. For industries that cope with hazardous and flammable materials, where likelihood of explosions exist, there’s also a choice for explosion proof fixtures. They are designed specifically for industries for example nuclear power generation, marine industry, waste water treatment, oil refineries, oil industry and mining industry. These provide you with durable performance within the most adverse conditions which help workers start the work they do with no difficulties.

However, make certain that you simply buy GE Lights only from your approved and famous distributor so you minimize the potential risks of accidents associated with sub-standard lighting at the industry or workplace. If you select a reliable brand without compromising on cost, you’re also selecting first class quality that will assist you efficiently for an extended duration.

So when you choose to obtain industrial lights for the industry, make certain that you opt for a reliable brand to obtain maximum bang for your buck.

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How To Locate The Best Industrial Supplies For The Business

Rather of purchasing industrial supplies out of your local stores and compartmentalizing your orders for office supplies online, industrial supplies and safety equipment you can find them online. it’s an efficient method to buy industrial supplies form online suppliers because they offer to help keep a tabs on all of your needs every so often. Locating a single site that sells from safety mitts, to industrial painting supplies it can save you considerable time and cash.

Many warehouses and factories require buying products and materials however are still to uncover the benefits of buying all of their industrial tool products online. it’s the easiest method to streamline your operations as choosing the best supplier can give you with all you need to keep the business running. Look for a company which has decades of expertise in it and discover a resource for the equipment and supplies getting professionalism, efficiency and repair fundamentally.

Today within the digital world all companies are more and more conducted at online premise. Rather of using the traditional route people choose to order supplies for his or her warehouse and industrial needs online based industrial supply company. Since every industrial establishment and office necessitates the right supplies and material handling equipment to operate correctly you can easily choose the supplier sitting at desk on the computer even though making key management decisions. There are many industrial items that possess a central role to experience in everyday production, manufacturing, support and logistic operational functions. Something as fundamental as a security mitts are needed for several industrial operations which are carried out within an industrial workhouse, and involve hazardous material handling.

If such industrial tools aren’t acquired promptly it may affect the caliber of your company’s performance can impact productivity and efficiency from the entire industrial unit. Online cleaning product and material suppliers can provide cigarette butt receptacle cease-fire, white-colored foam, plastic stacking bin blue, blue giant stack and store bins, natural poly/cotton covering, blue latex palm and much more.

Industrial supply companies can empower your facility with operational tools which are meticulously selected through the experts. Ought to be fact, any single tool malfunctioning within the industrial operations can adversely modify the entire productivity of the organization. If you’re worried about consistent output then buying a good industrial product supplier is required. They’ve the ability to enhance your morning in and day trip with quality products at the doorstep.

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