A Guide For Identifying Fake Ids

Fake ids are also called identity document forgery. These are the ids illegally made for availing benefits that you would not get legally. These are false identities with an exact real face so that no one would be able to recognize it unless getting it under any special processes. The internet has been an option to get these Fake ids. There are different platforms available online that create and give you false ids so that you can use them wherever you want. Fake ids are the illegally formed documents like driver’s licenses, birth certificates, security cards, community Id cards, or passports. 

The ways to recognize fake ids

Fake ids are so finely designed like a carbon copy of real ids that no one can identify whether they are real or fake. It is quite difficult to check whether the id is fake or not. Many enhanced platforms claim to give you high-quality fake ids that are somehow impossible to recognize by only your observation. It will require special techniques like watermarking, combination system, copy/paste techniques, biometrics, etc. Every technique is used in different scenarios for identifying forgery in identification documents. Besides, here are some tips for recognizing if the id is real or not from physical appearance.

  • Check for id’s rigidity: You can determine the card’s rigidity by checking the id’s thickness. Fake ID cards are usually lighter and thinner than the real Id cards because they are made of some other paper.
  • Check the id’s appearance: Sometimes, real and Fake ids differ in appearances. You can identify false ids by comparing the coloring, lettering, and real and fake ID design.
  • Check the front side and back of Id cards: Sometimes, fake ids can contain inappropriate sides. You can identify the fake ids by checking its sides, whether there are ridges, bumps, or other irregularities.
  • Check the corners of ids: Real ids are formed with perfection. You can check the forgery of ids by checking whether the corners of Id cards split or not.
  • Check the edges of ids: Ids that are real have rounded edges around. If edges are square, there is a chance that Id is false.

Other approaches for identifying fake ids 

Analyze the microprint on the ids: Some ids contain barcodes or microprint. The microprint is used as a feature to recognize the identity of the Id, according to states. You can identify whether the id is false or not by observing microprint using a magnifying glass. You can also scan the barcode if available and confirm the id’s legality.

  • Examine id using ultraviolet rays: Real Id cards usually contain some security features which can be observed using ultraviolet light. If the Id is fake, it will not show the security features when you put it under the ultraviolet light.

The above tips will help you to identify the fake ids. As stated earlier, there are also some other enhanced techniques used in the identification of ids. You can examine your ids using those techniques too. But it may be expensive. You can go for any approach as per what you afford.