February 23, 2020


3 Things to Consider when Choosing a Website Builder

  1. Ease and simplicity

The system must always be simple and clear. Nowadays, many web design services provide drag and drop features where you can use your mouse and keyboard to position various blocks on the website pages. Besides, in such an editor, you can easily view what your website looks like and make necessary changes if needed.

  1. Plugins and modules

When you work with a website builder, it is nearly impossible to add a third party plug or an add on to your website. Developers never let you add any third party code. Additionally, there may still be some exceptions to the same. Some let you add online support chat, connect payment systems, etc. But the choice is really limited.

  1. CMS

CMS lets you quickly deal with multiple information blocks. When adding content to the website on a constant basis, then you may need to work with CMS. And when creating a business card website where new info is a rare sight, then you may not need a CMS in this case.

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